Sunday, October 30, 2005

Estonia vs Portugal

Just for your own contemplation: two short opinions on *South versus North*

Once a very interesting conversation broke out between me and a woman in her thirties who have spent 4 years of her life in Portugal. Though she is a Latvian and said the following about Latvian men, I dare to assign the same qualities also for Estonians, for we come from the same region despite all what they say. She said she didn't like Latvian men - they are shy, they always complain about their hard life, and they are afraid to get cloaser to woman to get to know her.
On the contrary, Southern men are ready to work wonders only to get the woman they desire. The bad side of this argument, though, is the fact that as soon as they have captured the woman, they lose any interest in her. Moreover, in Portugal men do not pursue young girls, but appraise experienced women whom to build relationship with.

On the other hand, just recently I talked to a young Portuguese guy, and here is what he said: "I'm lucky to be back here, in Tallinn! Here I feel special and have undivided attention from girls, it's nowhere the same as here. I don't know what is that thing which works in my favour exactly here and in no other couintry in the world, but I'm really glad of possessing it! Estonia just kicks ass!"


At 11:43 AM, Blogger moya said...

The reason why he says he has the attention of estonian girls has its reason:
- portuguese and southern men are 'darker' they have brown/dark hair and a dark skin, normally, compared to estonians or nordic people, who are usually blonde, blue eyed and have a very light skin colour. So, what happens in Estonia (and nordic countries) also happens in the south, this is: when we see a blond boy/girl, tall (usually southern men aren't that tall, compared with nordic)we just keep on looking at it, we give more attention to them, because we are not used to see a person like that. Same in Estonia: When it appears a more dark boy/girl, with brown eyes, brown hair, tanned,etc etc, the people start looking at them with other eyes.


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