Sunday, October 30, 2005

Some public transportation peculiarities

While Latvian Television News Agency on 31st March writes that Estonia has bought 62 km of Latvia's railroad for approximately 1 million lats (almost 1,5 million Euros), I keep on wondering why they do not do something about their public transportation system?!

Yes, I admit - I do steal my rides in Tallinn's public transport as frequently as my conscience allows me to. But what calms me down is the awareness and observations that 70-80 percent of Estonians do the same. For in Tallinn the "buy-a-ticket-in-a-stall-and-punch-it-voluntary" system is still around from the dim and distant past (well I remember being a small girl when my mom in Riga did this for both of us, as I was too short to reach the ticket puncher). They have some control environment, and the fine for moving around without a ticket is quite high, still... during this period of almost one and a half year that I've spent in Tallinn, they have caught me only once. But even then I didn't have to part with 600 krones (38 Euros), which is the fine: a bit of acting and naive blue eyes, and the kind ticket inspector would let me go...

blink, blink...


At 3:47 PM, Blogger Lauri said...

So have you finally found out, that most of us use ID card and mobile phone for paying for our ride?


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