Sunday, October 30, 2005

Welcome to Estonia?

This is the first thing one sees when entering this country. It is found everywhere, I even got this sign on my reflector - a very successful campaign, I'd say. Moreover, I remember that HOSPITALITY was the thing that Estonia advertised in Eurovision Song Festival - the little clip before Estonia's representing song in this festival showed a long queue of people wanting to visit this country (while Latvia used such thing as pickled mushrooms for representing out national course, and, for example, Switzerland made use of their Swatch clocks)...
But how is it in reality? What's the authentic level of Estonian hospitality?

A couple of weeks ago I was waiting for my friends to arrive in the central square of Tallinn. A very usual Saturday evening it was. I was standing just next to the city's town hall, listening to how beautifully the bell-tower announced it was 10pm. On its last ding-dong I saw a really drunk man heading accross the square (nothing too unusual for Tallinn's weekend scenery, to boot). However, he caught my eye, for it was apparent he was not local, as his skin and hair was rather darkish. So, there I was - in the heart of Tallinn, looking a smashed foreign guy trying to remember what walking straight means.
He didn't succeed :( Instead, he fell on the ground. As I was standing and wondering what to do, namely, whether to try helping him out or not, these two guys run over him. "Alrighty," I thought. "Won't have to strain myself, he must be heavy, after all. "
I presume he seemed too heavy also for those two guys as instead of lifting him up they grabbed his wallet and run away. In the central square of Tallinn! On Saturday evening, when the streets are full of people! And noone even emoted or showed some king of interest... apart from the reflector hanging loosely by my side, swinging in the wind, and saying "Welcome to Estonia"!


At 10:04 AM, Blogger KRISTIN said...

well sad to read it, again.
btw, as far as I know every estonian thinks the "WELCOMETOEST"-campaigne is totally made-up full-of-crap.
very "KAKS" idea!

At 10:04 AM, Blogger KRISTIN said...

oh but once again - you're blog is VERY GOOD!

At 2:41 PM, Blogger Dace said...

thanks once again ;) Hehee... KAKS idea :)


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