Wednesday, October 12, 2005

What it all is about...

Estonia... fair landscapes, blue sea, lots of dolomite and, on top of all, Tallinn: the city most representing this country. It welcomes thousands of tourists every year - some are enticed by the amazing architecture, some by the cheap goods (in comparison to the rest highly-developed countries), and some by the stories about the lovely girls... A true fairy tail, it seems to me. Moreover, Estonian beer is pretty good... Thus, the majority of tourists leave Estonia (Tallinn) with a deceitful opinion of having got to know the country. However, life in here does NOT consist of inexpensive goods, tasty beer, gothic, and foxy chicks...
I have been living in Tallinn for more than a year already, the incrutable roads of acquiring knowledge have lead me here. During this period I have learnt things that usually slip by to tourists. About them - in this blog!


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