Sunday, October 30, 2005

yours sincerely, Urmas

"A human body consists of 90 percent of water.
An Estonian body consists of 90 percent of brake liquid."
...or a little bit on experience of dating with an Estonian (not to be taken seriously) ;)

She met this guy in a club. A handsome guy - this type of guys usually have no problems with making new female acquaintances. They danced for the whole evening, exchanged their phone numbers. She was waiting for him to call or send a message for 1 day... 2 days... and gave up all the hopes ("Damn guys, if you don't kiss them in the first evening, they'll never let you know about their existance again!").
Nay... she was wrong: after two and a half weeks (!) she finally received a message with an invitation to cinema. She decided to accept it. They spent a great time together... apart from the fact that he even didn't touch her... (!)
...and when in the very evening he saw her off and invited to another date, she refused (guess why, doah!)...

what are the rest 10 percent? :)


At 1:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah girl,

That is a true story about common example. I use to date estonian guy as well, so I know now that a girl has to be the boss there...
Goog luck!

At 11:12 AM, Blogger KRISTIN said...

I'm sorry to read it :(
I've been telling my American friend for ages that Estonian men are all jerks but he still doesn't believe me.

At 2:44 PM, Blogger Dace said...

not all, I guess... Estonians get married and have children, after all ;) It's simply my experience and experience of some other girls I've met! And you know how it goes - one says somethig and then the other has to add something even more amazing...

At 10:40 PM, Blogger KRISTIN said...

My friend's husband Valeri asked me to add this comment for him:

"This is a by-product of sex equality in Estonia. Perhaps, in effect, men here tend to take it more seriously than elsewhere.
Sure, it depends also on whether the person is "a sprinter" or a "a long distance runner". If you want a quick love affair, you'll always find it.
But if some women say that their men are shit, or jerks, or else, in fact it goes rather about themselves (read Freud!).
male, Armenian (neither female nor Estonian), and supporter of Estonian guys"

I believe the last line has to do with my comment :P Hmmmm.... means I'm a jerk. Tooo bad :(

At 2:39 PM, Blogger Dace said...

... but even to "have someone who is ready to run along with you the long distance", you have to do something about it.
I don't find it too much of DOING something if a guy in the 2nd date does not even touch the girl... or kiss on a cheek, or something.Any physical contact shows you care. So, what shall I think about a guy who barely even looks at me in the 2nd date?
Probably, it's the Nothern character and mentality... whatever that may be - I do not enjoy that. No offence, I just listen to what my gist says to me ;)


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