Sunday, November 27, 2005

good way how to spoil one's birthday mood

Last Friday it was my birthday. Though instead of going home and celebrating with my closest friends and family I decided to stay in Tallinn. Firstly, I was a bit critical about my choice, but later it turned out to be pretty nice anyway. While this day I understood that I've grown up a lot and that I hadn't even mentioned the turning point when my values changed. I received 2 presents (sounds modest, huh?). But who cares for presents if despite being so far away from home I had approximately 100 people from Latvia calling, messaging and e-mailing...? And some 50 more out in the streets of Tallinn wishing joy and love :)
Ok, ok, here champagne worked quite well (for who could refuse a mouthful for the health of such a nice girl as I am?) ;)

Anyway... the day and the evening was MARVELOUS! The Queen-of-the-Day-Feeling stayed for round the clock. Until we got to a night-club called Bon-Bon. Hadn't been there before with the girls, still we had a handful of suggestions to go and check out this place. So - why not, just the perfect day and the perfect mood!
A small crowd in front of the entrance... we wait... we get to the entrance... going in... and the guards grab us.
-You can't get in!
-Why not?
-The club is full!

Ok... we wait... one minute... two minutes... five minutes... some 15 people come out during this time. An Estonian couple gets in, now enough of waiting, right?
-You can't get in!
-Why not?
-Only people with client cards can get in!

Mmmmmh...we still wait... one minute... some Estonians get in... two minutes... some more Estonians get in... three minutes... noone shows them any cards!!!

Guess who was the person whose mood had fallen close to zero?


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