Monday, November 28, 2005

taken by surprise

WOW, I'm shocked! Indeed - this chubby Estonian saleswoman made my day! Something like this happened for the first time while I've been living in Tallinn.
Previously I talked about the paradox that every Estonian knows the word for 'ice-cream' in Latvian (which is, of course, SALDEEJUMS :D). Yeah, by the way, last Saturday I found out one more possible reason why they know it - an Estonian man explained that during the Soviet era Latvian ice-cream was exported to Estonia in large amounts. As the ice-cream was from Latvia, clear it is that the label said 'SALDEEJUMS', and thus this is how they still know this designation.
Anyway, I was not going to talk about ice-cream.
Though, the surprize occured in a supermarket by a cash-desk. I didn't have any cash, so I paid with my credit card. It's always fun looking at the salespersons' face expressions when instead of their 'hansapank' they see 'hanza banka'. Moreover, my name is a jawbreaker not only for Estonians...
Thus, the salespersons usually don't say their 'aitah' (thank you), but simply nod their heads when returining the card.
Here now. I was waiting for the running nod or the scarce 'aitah' when a silent PALDIES (Thanks in Latvian) felt like snow on my head...

A stupid smile from me
A great feeling for me


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