Thursday, November 17, 2005

trappy trackback

Some time ago I already wrote a post on my views of Tallinn as a city of sex tourism. That post was totally based on my own experience and observations, and that's why I've always admitted that there's a likelihood I'm wrong. Probably I'm going to the wrong places, probably I have some kind of biases or probably I have just misunderstood what I've seen... whatever that may be!
Here now, this is getting a bit more serious. I'd call that a proof to my statements. Just check this blog's trackback! Nothing too special, have to admit :( , but here comes the most interesting part:

06 Nov, Sun, 16:34:59
tallinn sex
07 Nov, Mon, 06:42:34
Tallinn Estonia Sex
09 Nov, Wed, 14:28:21
girls estonia
09 Nov, Wed, 16:31:40
estonia girls
11 Nov, Fri, 12:24:17
estonia girls
12 Nov, Sat, 02:15:01
tallinn sex girls

ooooooookay! ;)


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