Sunday, November 06, 2005

The truth is out there

Some time ago I shared my experience about Estonian public transport peculiarities... Have to admit that my observations have been erroneous, seems that I've underevaluated this nation... foxy Estonians... while I thought that 70% of them used public transport without fare, the statistics show it's only 7%... What is it? - 10 times less??? oooops! :)
Anyway, the amount of money reaped from the bilkers is quite impressive, namely, 2.19 million krones (~140 000 euros). Moreover, the following is not really funny, but I can't help laughing about it: the ticket inspectors have been attacked for 15 times during this year! Just imagine the view - one has no ticket but instead of paying fine, he/she tries to escape by attacking the inspectors... lol


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