Saturday, December 17, 2005


So, guys, here's what I've got to say: for the coming 3 weeks most likely you won't see too much activity here from my side! The day has come - I AM HOME! :))) And probably you know what that means, don't you?!

For example, yesterday I woke up at 1.30pm... Took some Latvian press and lied in the bed, and read the papers, and forced myself out of the bed just at 3pm - simply because I was starving! Went to the kitchen in my old, well-worn pyjamas, opened the fridge... man! :) Seems my mom had been waiting for me to come home the same way as I was eager to come home!!! The fridge shelves full of home made food, my favourite!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

So, I just took a pile of food, I mean -A PILE-, and went back to the bed... I think I could spent there the whole day, indeed... but some friends gave me a call and I couldn't resist meeting them... And going to the old town... Ahhhh... Riga's old town, no more of Tallinn! So beautiful, so familiar, so dear! Well, yeah... of course, drunken young people, foreigners gone out in the "girl-hunt", a bit messy... but who cares!?- it's my city!

Well, yeah... so, what I wanted to say with all this that don't expect too much activity from me these days!
And, btw, seems my activity in writing this blog can go down also when I'm back in Tallinn again, that is 8th January. For, to say the truth, I created this blog as a part of my Computer Assited Journalism class in University. The assignment was to create a blog and make at least 3 posts a week. Now, as that is over (I mean the "grade-hunt") I am free, if I want, to cease writing in this blog. However, seems I've found myself in all this, so... I think I will continue with what I've started. Maybe not so often as before, but most likely I won't disappear ;)

So, guys, be good and take care! Enjoy winter and give a hug to all whom you care about! The feeling's just amazing, believe me, I do not lie! :)
Life's beautiful, indulge yourselves ;)

Sunday, December 11, 2005


Just had an unpleasant surprise.
Having studied till 5am, just now (2pm) woke up. Decided to take a shower to refresh myself for the further studies. And guess what - we've no water at home! :( Can't even make a cup of strong black tee instead!
Went downstairs to see what's the problem (well, usually they hang a small note explaining the situation)... yeah, no water for the coming two hours. Didn't understand anything else (the note's written in Estonian).
Ok, I'm not against the water treatment facility's improvements, but why on Sunday? I mean, Sunday's the day when all the people stay at home, do the clean up, prepare the huge family dinner, take bath... Maybe some kind of emergency, still... feels really weird!

Friday, December 09, 2005


Interesting enough, but while, according to Elli, the average salary in Estonia is 7000 krones (450euros), while the paramedics` ambulance cardrivers get only 3500 krones, while teachers get 5000 krones and while firemen earn 4380 krones a month, there's no such day when I don't see a woman with a Luis Vuitton handbag or a man with Dolce & Gabbana jeans. Also such brands as Richmond, Dior, Prada, Gucci, and Armani are consistently often seen.

Seems that there's something dissonant...

Where's my award?

Reading another blog, Viva Paltriness, I arrived to this consistently interesting post which states that this guy who's the vice president of European Commission in addition to his salary, which is not too low, as you may guess, receives a bonus of 45 000 krones (2 800 euros) a month just to not to be homesick...

Man... 2 800 euros for being homesick... Why don't they offer such a consolatory prize for simple Latvian students living in Tallinn? :) I mean, I'm so homesick that I've even created my own calendar with mandatory deeds I must do in order to get home next Thursday! The first thought when I wake up is Ah, one more day closer to the departure. The last thought before falling asleep is Ah, this day had passed, one more day closer to going home...
Man... only 6 days and 15 hours left...
Don't you think I deserve at least 3 000 euros a month? :)

Thursday, December 08, 2005

...even worse

Reading blog SadEst, I came accross this story. In short, this kinda intelligent English guy ruined the whole impression of him by acknowledging the fact that it's advisable for an Estonian girl to marry a rich guy in order to make her life better.

While there indeed are girls who practice this kind of deed, I wonder wherher there are girls who would react affirmatively on this:
once I and my best friend were heading home from Friday evening bash. As we were passing the Viru Hotel this very drunken English man staggered up to us and said straightly: "Listen, girls, come with me to my hotel room."
Usually we'd simply cast down out eyes and quicken our steps, but as he was alone and absolutely drunk, we decided that there's nothing to fear of and engaged in the conversation:

-why should we do that?
-you have to!
-you are from Estonia!
-That's what they do here to get money, don't they?

I mean... HUH?
Where from a man can have this kind of impression? Just incrediable!!! Just how stupid a man can be?!? Absurd!!!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Jingle bells rock

Today I encountered quite a strange thing, I mean it was nice and sweet, still - strange... bearing in mind that Christmas is coming.

I was waiting for Viru Keskus (a shopping center in the heart of Tallinn) to open. Went into it, sat down and waited... and waited... and waited... and listened to the birds singing :) I mean, the bird twitter on tape is heard all over the shopping center :)
Sounded quite nice, even made me smile (which I haven't done for approximately 24 hours now), still... a weird feeling - it's snowing outside, it's freezingly cold, the Christmas is coming, but instead of Christmas songs we hear bird twitter.
I just wonder what soundtrack they'll have when the Easter approach ;)


Btw, today I woke up 3 hours earlier than usual to look once more for the help with my bandage in Tallinn's hospitals.
They helped.

God exists.


Last week I happened to have a mike and a camera and to go out in the streets and ask people their opinion on the the topic whether or not Tallinn becomes more popular as a city which tourists come to see not due to the beuatiful architecture but rather because of the legends about beautiful girls that are open to get acquainted with foreign men.
Or to put it straightly - does Tallinn become a city of sex tourism?

I received many different answers but the majority tend to approve the question. While some said they didn't observe anything of this kind or if they did then it didn't disturb them, the most interesting feedback I got from a taxi driver and a girl who works in a hospital.
The taxi driver said there's no such day when he wouldn't take in a local girl (girls) together with foreign guy (guys). Where they usually ask him to take them - whether to some kind of restourant, nightclub or hotel.
Furthermore, the hotel girl said it is surprising how many girls dare to visit the hotel together with tourists. The sentence I remember most vividly is "If, let's say, twelve Englishmen come to Tallinn over weekend to celebrate a stag party, then, when coming back to the hotel, on average 4 of them have girls with them."

Of course, there can be different views on this topic, after all it's the 21st century, the sex revolution has started a couple of decades ago. Every city of developing tourism faces this phenomenona. It's always interesting to meet different people from different background. Sex is healthy. And, after all, everyone is allowed to do all he/she wants unless it's illegal or openly pervert.

However, I feel a bit sad hearing this kind of observations and looking at this blog's trackback for the second time; here are some of latest queries to Estonia all over the world:

30 Nov, Wed, 10:59:00 MSN Search: young estonia girls
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Monday, December 05, 2005

to Luarvik

Yesterday I wrote about how greatly my opinion of hospitals in Tallinn changed during the last weekend. To say the truth, it was not pleasant to admit I was wrong when I posted the "Time Cures" in October.

Today - I SWALLOW MY WORDS AGAIN, this time I guess this impression will stay forever.

I'm quite strong a personality, I cry very rearly and if do - that usually happens from great joy or pathos... or, of course, in great sorrow... But almost never when we talk of pain or simply hard life.

Today I cried. Because I spent 4 (!!!) hours of my life going from one hospital to another (altogether 6 (!!!) of them) hoping that somebody would help me, but EVERYWHERE (in 6 hospitals in a row) I got rejected!

As stated before I had this small surgery on Friday. On Saturday and Sunday I went to the same place to bind up the wound. Yesterday the doctor of that emergency station advised me to look for a family doctor, saying that if I'm going to stay in Tallinn for more than a year I definately need someone to take care of me if something happens. Besides that would come cheaper.

I can't name the first hospital (it's situated near Retke tee), but they said they didn't have family doctors at all... But to see a surgeon I need a shipping documend from a family doctor.
Ok... I was forwarded to Mustamae Polyclinic. They said they couldn't help as I live too far and forwarded me to a emergency station just next to the first hospital. In this place they said openly - we have so many clients that we have no time for you, people with more serious problems wait in lines.
So, in despair I decided to go back to the Central Hospital's emergency station which I had visited the three days before. To my huge surprise, also this place refused to help... I mean... I was so surprised... WHAT? How comes? Why did you help me the days before? - turns out this kind of help works only in weekends... HUH? I mean... WTF?
Anyway, they forwarded me to the building just next to them, the Central Hospital's main building. Over there all the doctors had already left... At 5.45 pm??? No doctors that could simply help me with the bandage??? Any doctor! A family doctor, a surgeon, ANY!!!
At this point I simply bursted into tears... And I don't really give a damn about what that receptionist lady thought about me that I simply turned my back and, without even saying a proper "thanks", went weeping out.
The number six in my "visit-and-get-rejected-in-every-hospital-in-tallinn" adventure was the children's hospital just nearby... I must say, I was not surprised anymore that there were no people AT ALL that would even say "sorry, we can't help, go to..."

And I don't really give a damn if any Estonian now is very critical about this post. I feel miserable and humiliated as a human being.
I'm afraid that my "something" in my stomach could turn into something even more "something" as now almost 2 days have passed without changing the bandage. But buying some kind of disinfectant on my own and proceed by my own in that open wound of mine... does not sound too promising and encouraging for me.
I mean... WHAT THE HECK I SHOULD DO NOW??????????

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Time cures 2

Some time ago I shared my experience with Estonian ambulance. That was rather a nasty story, I must say.
So, seems today I'm gonna swallow my own words: for the last 3 days I have been visiting Tallinn's Central Hospital myself, and, to my surprise, I was treated more than kindly.

It started with little pain just next to my poor bellybutton...and turned out to be some kind of lousy "something" under my skin :( But don't worry, I'm gonna live! ;)
Anyway, this "something" hurted quite a bit, so I decided to see a doctor (despite the fact that my insurance validity had run out of time).

Here now... I go this central hospital, quite critical about the situation and not hoping for too much help, as
1)people wait in queues for weeks to see a doctor, so why would I be lucky to see it the same day?
2)I'm Latvian. I don't speak neither Estonian, nor so good Russian as to tell them my problem
3)I've no valid insurance.

Not too encouraging, huh?

Still, I take my chance and... they send me to an emergency station where I got to see that doctor the very same half an hour. The doctor puts me right away on that surgery table, makes anaesthesia to my skin around my belly, takes the scalpel... blah-blah-blah... and in 15 minutes I'm out with a pile of antibiotics in my hand.
Returned to that same emergency station also today and yesterday - other doctors but the service the same.
Moreover, I was quite surprised about their working conditions, equipment, and premises... so modern and cosy (as cosy as a hospital can be)...

Thanks, I'm impressed! :)

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Yesterday, while on my way to school in bus, I happened to sit in front of two Russian ladies. Though I had taken out Defoe's 'Moll Flanders' intending to read some of it while on my way, I just couldn't! The dialogue of the ladies took me over:

-Ah, what a luck that today the bus is not so full as usually. At least we can sit down like normal people, otherwise one has to fight for a seat!

-Yes, you're right, what happens in the public transport is everything but a nightmare!

-You know, once I was coming back home from the market place... you know - heavy bag full with vegetables, fruit and meat. Well, I put my bag on this seat and stood myself just besides.
Now then, in a busstop the door opens and this lady comes in and says "take away your bag, I WANT TO SIT DOWN!" [This she said so loudly that I think all the passesngers in the bus now knew she had to tell a great story].
But, you know, the floor was in mud... and this rudeness!!! I got so angry that I lifted up my bag and theatrically sat down myself. Just imagine...TAKE AWAY YOUR BAG, I WANT TO SIT DOWN...! Amazing... I was SOOOOO mad!

-Yes, I know what you mean... And the youth! They will never give their seat to you! Once I saw scene like this.
A mother with her six-year-old child steps in the bus. The child sits down and says to his mom: "You are big, you can stand!" And imagine - the mother admitted the child was absolutely right!
In the next stop this old lady with a cane comes in... Do you think the mother did something about it? NO!

Well... this was only a small part of what they said...
But let me think... though they were noticeably exaggerating, basically everything they said is true!
Young people will let older people sit down only if that is absolutely needed (if the pop seems really week and ill).
Heaven forfend if you sit or stand next to two or more children under 15... the behaviour is more than annoying! Screaming, yelling, jostle...
In Friday evenings it's advisory not to go to the back of a bus - unless you enjoy loud public that swear (usually in Russian) and smell of alcohol.
I don't know - maybe it is a feedback - but even the old ladies are unbearable!- they will always push you aside or give a dig in your back or side.

A characteristics of Estonians?