Thursday, December 01, 2005


Yesterday, while on my way to school in bus, I happened to sit in front of two Russian ladies. Though I had taken out Defoe's 'Moll Flanders' intending to read some of it while on my way, I just couldn't! The dialogue of the ladies took me over:

-Ah, what a luck that today the bus is not so full as usually. At least we can sit down like normal people, otherwise one has to fight for a seat!

-Yes, you're right, what happens in the public transport is everything but a nightmare!

-You know, once I was coming back home from the market place... you know - heavy bag full with vegetables, fruit and meat. Well, I put my bag on this seat and stood myself just besides.
Now then, in a busstop the door opens and this lady comes in and says "take away your bag, I WANT TO SIT DOWN!" [This she said so loudly that I think all the passesngers in the bus now knew she had to tell a great story].
But, you know, the floor was in mud... and this rudeness!!! I got so angry that I lifted up my bag and theatrically sat down myself. Just imagine...TAKE AWAY YOUR BAG, I WANT TO SIT DOWN...! Amazing... I was SOOOOO mad!

-Yes, I know what you mean... And the youth! They will never give their seat to you! Once I saw scene like this.
A mother with her six-year-old child steps in the bus. The child sits down and says to his mom: "You are big, you can stand!" And imagine - the mother admitted the child was absolutely right!
In the next stop this old lady with a cane comes in... Do you think the mother did something about it? NO!

Well... this was only a small part of what they said...
But let me think... though they were noticeably exaggerating, basically everything they said is true!
Young people will let older people sit down only if that is absolutely needed (if the pop seems really week and ill).
Heaven forfend if you sit or stand next to two or more children under 15... the behaviour is more than annoying! Screaming, yelling, jostle...
In Friday evenings it's advisory not to go to the back of a bus - unless you enjoy loud public that swear (usually in Russian) and smell of alcohol.
I don't know - maybe it is a feedback - but even the old ladies are unbearable!- they will always push you aside or give a dig in your back or side.

A characteristics of Estonians?


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