Sunday, December 04, 2005

Time cures 2

Some time ago I shared my experience with Estonian ambulance. That was rather a nasty story, I must say.
So, seems today I'm gonna swallow my own words: for the last 3 days I have been visiting Tallinn's Central Hospital myself, and, to my surprise, I was treated more than kindly.

It started with little pain just next to my poor bellybutton...and turned out to be some kind of lousy "something" under my skin :( But don't worry, I'm gonna live! ;)
Anyway, this "something" hurted quite a bit, so I decided to see a doctor (despite the fact that my insurance validity had run out of time).

Here now... I go this central hospital, quite critical about the situation and not hoping for too much help, as
1)people wait in queues for weeks to see a doctor, so why would I be lucky to see it the same day?
2)I'm Latvian. I don't speak neither Estonian, nor so good Russian as to tell them my problem
3)I've no valid insurance.

Not too encouraging, huh?

Still, I take my chance and... they send me to an emergency station where I got to see that doctor the very same half an hour. The doctor puts me right away on that surgery table, makes anaesthesia to my skin around my belly, takes the scalpel... blah-blah-blah... and in 15 minutes I'm out with a pile of antibiotics in my hand.
Returned to that same emergency station also today and yesterday - other doctors but the service the same.
Moreover, I was quite surprised about their working conditions, equipment, and premises... so modern and cosy (as cosy as a hospital can be)...

Thanks, I'm impressed! :)


At 8:33 AM, Blogger Luarvik said...

I notice you swallow a lot of your words in this blog - that for the most part seem to be rather opinionated. Maybe you should give it some thought before you put stuff down?

At 10:41 PM, Blogger Dace said...

Are you sure that I swallow A LOT of my words? I maybe sometimes doubt them, acknowledging that I might be wrong (let's say - for wanting to be not so subjective), but usually I take the responsibility for what I say. Even if that happens to be an outburst. At least I try to ;) but thanks for critique! :)


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