Monday, December 05, 2005

to Luarvik

Yesterday I wrote about how greatly my opinion of hospitals in Tallinn changed during the last weekend. To say the truth, it was not pleasant to admit I was wrong when I posted the "Time Cures" in October.

Today - I SWALLOW MY WORDS AGAIN, this time I guess this impression will stay forever.

I'm quite strong a personality, I cry very rearly and if do - that usually happens from great joy or pathos... or, of course, in great sorrow... But almost never when we talk of pain or simply hard life.

Today I cried. Because I spent 4 (!!!) hours of my life going from one hospital to another (altogether 6 (!!!) of them) hoping that somebody would help me, but EVERYWHERE (in 6 hospitals in a row) I got rejected!

As stated before I had this small surgery on Friday. On Saturday and Sunday I went to the same place to bind up the wound. Yesterday the doctor of that emergency station advised me to look for a family doctor, saying that if I'm going to stay in Tallinn for more than a year I definately need someone to take care of me if something happens. Besides that would come cheaper.

I can't name the first hospital (it's situated near Retke tee), but they said they didn't have family doctors at all... But to see a surgeon I need a shipping documend from a family doctor.
Ok... I was forwarded to Mustamae Polyclinic. They said they couldn't help as I live too far and forwarded me to a emergency station just next to the first hospital. In this place they said openly - we have so many clients that we have no time for you, people with more serious problems wait in lines.
So, in despair I decided to go back to the Central Hospital's emergency station which I had visited the three days before. To my huge surprise, also this place refused to help... I mean... I was so surprised... WHAT? How comes? Why did you help me the days before? - turns out this kind of help works only in weekends... HUH? I mean... WTF?
Anyway, they forwarded me to the building just next to them, the Central Hospital's main building. Over there all the doctors had already left... At 5.45 pm??? No doctors that could simply help me with the bandage??? Any doctor! A family doctor, a surgeon, ANY!!!
At this point I simply bursted into tears... And I don't really give a damn about what that receptionist lady thought about me that I simply turned my back and, without even saying a proper "thanks", went weeping out.
The number six in my "visit-and-get-rejected-in-every-hospital-in-tallinn" adventure was the children's hospital just nearby... I must say, I was not surprised anymore that there were no people AT ALL that would even say "sorry, we can't help, go to..."

And I don't really give a damn if any Estonian now is very critical about this post. I feel miserable and humiliated as a human being.
I'm afraid that my "something" in my stomach could turn into something even more "something" as now almost 2 days have passed without changing the bandage. But buying some kind of disinfectant on my own and proceed by my own in that open wound of mine... does not sound too promising and encouraging for me.
I mean... WHAT THE HECK I SHOULD DO NOW??????????


At 8:06 AM, Blogger Mika Tuupola said...

I don't mean to be rude (and no I am not Estonian). You are in a foreign country. Do not expect the foreign goverment to do everything for you. Find beforehand what to do in case of emergencies. Make sure you have good enough insurance policy.

That said. Estonia does have a private medicare sector which is most likely the best choice of medical help for foreign people. Few links here:

At 8:14 AM, Blogger Luarvik said...

Right, I called my family doctor for you. And this is what was said...
But first of all, I think it's outrageous that you've lived in a country for a year - without any medical preparedness whatsoever!!!

There's a family practitioner (Siiri Lüdimois perearstikeskus) on Pärnu mnt 67a, second floor that said that they could admit you today from 14-18, but it's a live queue. And you would have to wait. Bring a book. However, you could go in tomorrow at 13:15 and they would see you about stiches and cleaning if the wound doesn't need further surgical assistance. If you need to see a surgeon you could get a letter of reference from them aswell. Not too sure about the insurance matters, you should have some sort of an EU insurance policy. You're entitled to it. Or just pay for the visit - 100EEK per visit. They said it would be nice if you could confirm tomorrow 13:15. I said I don't know your number but would pass on the information. So if you would want to go and see a doctor tomorrow call 646 2246 and confirm your visit today. Tell them you're the international student that needs a doctor to look at her wound/stiches. Good Luck!!!!!!!

At 10:38 AM, Blogger Dace said...

wow :) thanks, guys, I appreciate that despite my nasty words yesterday you even found real help for me! :)))

you made me smile, thanks, sincerely!

Well... of course, I admit that there's a lot of my own fault (living in a foreign country without proper insurance and not having a family doctor).. still... what I expected yesterday was not anything too complicated - just ten minutes of any dctor's help that is conpetent about what he/she does.

I mean, don't you find it a bit embarrissing that doctors refuse to help only because I live too far from the hospital?

Today I talked to one of my professors here. He lives just next to Kristine Keskus, I live even more to Mustamae. Still, he has his doctor at the same hospital which they turned me out of.

Anyway, really - thanks for offered help! Luckily I received some help this morning. HAve to go for a check this Thrusday, and then I guess taht's it!

Will go home for the Xmas, take care of my insurance documents, but as for now - sorry, but I really don't want to see any doctors here anymore. Just for this moment ;)



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