Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Last week I happened to have a mike and a camera and to go out in the streets and ask people their opinion on the the topic whether or not Tallinn becomes more popular as a city which tourists come to see not due to the beuatiful architecture but rather because of the legends about beautiful girls that are open to get acquainted with foreign men.
Or to put it straightly - does Tallinn become a city of sex tourism?

I received many different answers but the majority tend to approve the question. While some said they didn't observe anything of this kind or if they did then it didn't disturb them, the most interesting feedback I got from a taxi driver and a girl who works in a hospital.
The taxi driver said there's no such day when he wouldn't take in a local girl (girls) together with foreign guy (guys). Where they usually ask him to take them - whether to some kind of restourant, nightclub or hotel.
Furthermore, the hotel girl said it is surprising how many girls dare to visit the hotel together with tourists. The sentence I remember most vividly is "If, let's say, twelve Englishmen come to Tallinn over weekend to celebrate a stag party, then, when coming back to the hotel, on average 4 of them have girls with them."

Of course, there can be different views on this topic, after all it's the 21st century, the sex revolution has started a couple of decades ago. Every city of developing tourism faces this phenomenona. It's always interesting to meet different people from different background. Sex is healthy. And, after all, everyone is allowed to do all he/she wants unless it's illegal or openly pervert.

However, I feel a bit sad hearing this kind of observations and looking at this blog's trackback for the second time; here are some of latest queries to Estonia all over the world:

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