Sunday, January 29, 2006

a social 'POOH'

I'm dissapointed! - One of my favourite bars in Tallinn called 'Nimega Bar' has turned into a mouldy place with the general public that of the 18-year-olds, who come there to have 2 drinks for the price of one!
OK, I'm not so old myself to say that people who have just come of age are annoying, especially when drunk, still it was a shock for me to see so many of them in Nimega yesterday! Seems from now on there's no place in Tallinn where a bunch of girls can simply go for some tasty coctails while having their 'girls talk' and looking at those sexy buts of guys :))))))

Friday, January 27, 2006

Run, Dace, run!

Yesterday I came accross an unpleasant event.
Came home after having paid a visit to my friend. Came with the last trolleybus.
It all started when these 4 young Russian speaking guys entered the vehicle. Two of them were smoking, one of them had an opened beer bottle in his hands. All of them behaved VERY loudly and rudely.
I was absolutely alone with these guys. Not wanting really to jump out of the trolley (as there were no other that would take me home, moreover the distance to my home was a great one), I just put my hat and scarf more onto my face and looked out of the window.
Thank god 3 of the guys understood they were in the wrong trolleybus and staggered out of it.
When my stop came, it turned out that it was also the stop of the remaining guy.
I let him leave the vehicle before me and took a breath when saw that he's going where he had to go in a fast pace and not paying any attention to me.
But then I saw a white Mercedes standing ahead. The parking place seemed very strange - in the middle of a crossroad! So now I was the person to quicken the pace.
Passed the car.
The car started to follow.
And overtook me.
(Not a great feeling indeed :S)
Just moved forward, at the same time looking to the side at whether or not the nearby house has a fence...
The car drove away - in the next juntion turned left.
Took a breath, still, with my heart beating madly, rushed home.
Looked to the left when crossing the junction... nobody... just a car standing a bit further with the back lights on...
(Minus 25 Celcius outside, but feels like in midday in Spain...)
Just as I crossed the street and went round the corner where it is not possible to see the car anymore, just started to run.
I really mean it - quite sure that Michael Jonson couldn't have catched me!!! Luckily not too far to my place from there - usually it takes about 5 minutes, now it was not more than 40 seconds!
Tomorrow will buy a bottle of tear-gas!

Monday, January 23, 2006


You know what I just mentioned while checking this blog's trackback?
Well first thing is that I've had around 1100 visitors during these 3 full months of posting in this blog.
But the thing which I find weird is that none of them comes from Russia! You can check that out yourselves here! People are cheking this blog from such far countries as Bermuda, Chile, or Puerto Rico but so far there is none from our BIG BROTHER.
However, if you remember my posts called outburst and at the same time check this article in the Baltic Times, you may find that Russian secret services DO check my blog, moreover, they take it into account :DDDD

Sunday, January 22, 2006

pure purity

Estonians just can't stop surprising me.
Today decided to check my postbox - hadn't done that for some time. Put on my dressing gown and in slow motion went down the stairs.
Nothing. Nobody wants me. Whateve'
Again turn on my slow motion and crawl up the stairs. Suddenly this door flows open and the neighbor from the first floor starts hoovering the stair case.

ok, orderliness is a good trait of character, but have you seen somebody hoovering the whole staircase?

Friday, January 20, 2006

overcoming lazyness

Dace's back! :)
Sitting in my room, wearing wollen socks, 3 jumpers and sipping hot tee all day long: Estonia has welcomed me back with temperature that falls below minus 30 degrees Celcius!
This spoils the plans of this weekend quite heavily - no enthusiasm to take shower, put a bit of mascara on those adventure-seeking eyes of mine (sounds pretty awk, but I dont wanna think about grammar right now), put on the good old jeans and leave for Friday evening dancing tour. Don't wanna go even to the nearest supermarket to buy some food - it is really so cold! Instead I've been eating pasta whole day long. But who cares apart from my poor stomach? Neeeeh... better pasta with litres of hot tea than showing my nose out of the house!

Thursday, January 05, 2006 patient

... only 2 days and 14 hours and I'm heading back to Tallinn.
I believe I'll continue what I've started, simply these 3 weeks I've been so busy and lucky to be at home!...