Saturday, March 25, 2006

Dace - the smoked chicken in vinegar souce

I am totally exhausted! Dead and tired!... after fighting with smoke and soot this whole day, man, something like this happened to me for the fisrt time!
In short...
Yesterday was Friday evening - time to go out. Tried to talk my flatmate into going out for a dance, but she refused, and now I say Thank Goodness! What happened last night at about 2.30am was that a fire broke out in the apartment of the neighbor who lives down from me. Luckily nothing blew up, still - the staircase looks like hell and, despite having left open all windows over the night, today every single thing in my room and apartment was covered with a layer of black soot. I can't imagine how the flat would have looked like if the girl hadn't stayed at home and accepted my invitation for Friday evening...
And that smell of smoke!!! It's SO annoying! It took us 7 hours to clean everything up! The place still smells of smoke, but luckily we found out 2 ways how to fight it. So, here, guys, if something similar ever happens to you (which I really DO hope is not going to happen) and you can't get rid of "something-is-burning" feeling, then, first, take vinegar and leave it in every corner of your dwelling place. Second - burn candles... these two help!
...besides 30 candles with reflection in vinegar bowls look pretty romantic in the dark apartment ;)


At 4:23 AM, Blogger adriangb said...

Hi Dace

If that is you, then it would be cool to here from you. Text me or email me back if you want to say hi (07989 345 677)

Despite your angry friend!



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