Monday, April 17, 2006

What about Easter?

Totally and absolutely STRANGE! Today is Monday, the second day of Easter, but everybody here in Estonia works. And attends school. Not a bad thing, on the one hand... But on the other - I have no Easter mood at all!
Glad to see that shop windows weren't so much decorated with all these bunnies and eggs as it was last year in Riga (don't know how it was this year, though, I presume everything has gone even more comercialized)...
But what surprized me till bones was that there were NO Easter events in Tallinn, not any that I had heard off. No swings, no big, flufyy rabbits talking to children, no common egg coloring. Nothing! Just people looking at me and my friends strangely when we, with plactic bags in our hands, raved through the city, gathering greenery for our egg coloring session.
Do Estonians have some Easter traditions? I didn't observe any, so probably somebody can tell something on this topic?!

men = pigs?

The big, bright snow has melted down... The sun starts smiling more warmly to people... When then if not now is the right time to go out for a walk?
So did I, together with a Latvian friend of mine. In a forest situated in Mustamae.

The forest was full (I mean FULL) of trash and litter, and waste! Instead of getting a pleasure from my walk, I came home totally sad... MEN ARE PIGS, after all! :(
Sad but true... you just have to see that!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Taking easy

Despite the fact that the weather here is really unpredictable, one thing is clear - the spring has arrived. The snow has melted and the sun blesses us with every day more.
For example, on the last Sunday... On the Palm Sunday. I woke up, and despite the fact that I had to do some preety serious and pressing stuff for school, I put on my sweatpants and my sneakers, and departed to Kadriorg to run about.
Lots of people out there. Mainly adults taking out their children. Some elderly people sitting on benches and talking about their tender age (I presume). And, of course, sports' people like me.
And one more quite blatant, I must say, group of people - those who by the time of my arrival, which was about 1pm, were already drunk... or close to that. Among them some elderly men and a bunch of Russian speaking blokes. Counted up to 15 such people who were whether sitting on benches or standing and, vigorously gesticulating, expressing their radical thoughts about governance of the country... On Sunday morning... On Palm Sunday... drunk like hell... pfff

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


When will spring finally reach also this country???

Miaow... miaow... MIAOWWWWW!!!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

it's Friday time!

No, not another Friday night story about some louzy people or place... though, if you think about it more thoroughly...

Didn't go outside this weekend - trying to be a model student and prepare duly for the coming final exams. The only thing I did on Friday apart from studying was going to the nearest supermarket and buying some Latvian cookies - to have at least a bit sweeter life ;)
At the cash-desk there were 2 guys standing in front of me. Both of the age of 14-15. Ok, maybe 16, but definitely not more! Guess what they were buying: sprite, gin (not the long drink) and some packs of cigarettes!!! The cashier didn't say a word, nor did she ask for documents that would prove the boys were 18!
I was shocked!
Not that things like this don't happen also in Latvia, of course they do, but... I don't know... hadn't seen something like this for some time!
It's time government did something about the situation, isn't it?