Monday, April 17, 2006

men = pigs?

The big, bright snow has melted down... The sun starts smiling more warmly to people... When then if not now is the right time to go out for a walk?
So did I, together with a Latvian friend of mine. In a forest situated in Mustamae.

The forest was full (I mean FULL) of trash and litter, and waste! Instead of getting a pleasure from my walk, I came home totally sad... MEN ARE PIGS, after all! :(
Sad but true... you just have to see that!


At 1:44 PM, Blogger Karl Oskar said...

Come on, you're certainly not flattering yourself when you throw out that kind of harsh, ancient and narrow-minded judgments. Because only men litter, right?

At 10:36 PM, Blogger David said...

Sorry, just thought I would throw in my comments, I live with a lovely Latvian Lady in England, and guess will tie the not soon, I was hopeing to find out how Latvians view estonians, but alas.

Men are Pigs...!

Come to the Uk, here you will find woung women acting like men in all manners, littering getting drunk fighting uranating in the streets, screwing around, here the men now behave better than the women.

and you wonder why we find you attractive, not just the slender figures, and the twangy accent, jezz at least ladies over there still know how to act like women and are not just driven by materialistic intent.

I just hope that your slow westernisation will not drag you through the same loops as ourselves, because then it will be.... Women = Pigs ????

We will wait and see.



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