Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Taking easy

Despite the fact that the weather here is really unpredictable, one thing is clear - the spring has arrived. The snow has melted and the sun blesses us with every day more.
For example, on the last Sunday... On the Palm Sunday. I woke up, and despite the fact that I had to do some preety serious and pressing stuff for school, I put on my sweatpants and my sneakers, and departed to Kadriorg to run about.
Lots of people out there. Mainly adults taking out their children. Some elderly people sitting on benches and talking about their tender age (I presume). And, of course, sports' people like me.
And one more quite blatant, I must say, group of people - those who by the time of my arrival, which was about 1pm, were already drunk... or close to that. Among them some elderly men and a bunch of Russian speaking blokes. Counted up to 15 such people who were whether sitting on benches or standing and, vigorously gesticulating, expressing their radical thoughts about governance of the country... On Sunday morning... On Palm Sunday... drunk like hell... pfff


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