Wednesday, June 28, 2006

posting elsewhere

Hey, guys!
Just wanted to say that there is this other blog where I write about my adventures during this summer, which so far indeed has been great. The link is , sadly it is only in Latvian. I simply dont have any spare time to write the same also in English. Moreover, I hardly can find time for updating the blog in Latvian thus making family and friends know how I am going... but Im great, so much to see and so much to find out! Life is wonderful ;)
see you

Friday, June 02, 2006

the itinerary

Thanks for being interested in my plans. As some people have asked me about the trip, here's the rough view on my summer:
15.06-20.06 hanging out in Paris
20.06-01.07 NY and thereabouts
02.07-12.08 Latvian summer camp in Catskills,NY. Working there as a teacher :)
13.08-17.08 back to the NYC
17.08-20.08 party time in London
20.08-27.08 being back in Riga and telling the same story all over again ;)
28.08-sometime, study, study...

Take care! ;)